the weekend



{southern BBQ}


{cousins day and night}


{Stella the dog meets a baby for the first time}


{Greensboro Children's Museum}


{adorable party favors by my sister-in-law}


{adorable little three-year-old nephew}


{all packed into a few days}


My kids are still sleeping in a bit longer than usual to make up for all the play and activity from being in North Carolina with family.  Rowan was the easiest traveling baby we've ever had, making the long car ride quite manageable.  My girls have decided they'd like to move down to Greensboro, an idea they shared   first thing in the morning when we were back on Pennsylvania soil.

And now I'm dealing with the mixed emotions of returning home from a trip.  Missing the adventure and newness of a wonderful place, missing family, and yet, definitely aware of the activities and responsibility which is ours now back at home.  One way to be forced back into that reality is remembering this early morning's double dentist appointment for my A and A.   Actually in one hour.

I think I'm mentally back now.


{More snippets of our trip at Instagram: nshiffler.}

the sleepy time gal