the weekend

This weekend did something for me. I was without any children all day, all night.  Painting and teaching teenagers, being totally wrapped up with one project, no distractions.

That was invigorating, with still more painting to be done.

With only one hour home and some time to literally get up off my feet with kisses passed around, I was off to a family baby shower.

It was more like the kind of get-together you dream of having when your own children are grown adults.  All of my brothers, sisters, and my parents were together: no children or spouses.  Stories were told followed by hard laughs, like the kind you only would expose your immediate family to.

Some of the strongest bonds were created as siblings came together as adults.

{Of course, it being a Dirle function and all, there was some creating happening.  Everyone designed and made a personalized onesie for baby Dirle.}

After having my individual and motherly "cup filled" all day, Sunday met me recharged and craving to hold someone and step back into my roles I love.

There definitely is a physical and spiritual element to stepping away from routine life sometimes.  You can recharge and reexamine from afar, which only makes there more of you to give when you jump back into life.

Cherished and necessary moments.

the sleepy time gal