the wedding

IMG_2495 I'm starting to realize how much I love doing wedding photography.  I love the creative side and the people side--you know, starting out knowing really no one and by the end of the day, sadly leaving all of the new friends you've made.

This wedding in particular was incredible because I spend the entire day and night with Leah, the other photographer and old friend.  I love when paths cross like this and you jump right back into a relationship that started some 15 years ago.

IMG_2418 IMG_2416

Leah did mostly video all day while I took photos.  We worked so well together.  So well. IMG_2409

Here are just a few from the day for now.  (Now is time to edit.)  Check out Leah's video of the day set to the song Lucky.  She did a great job!

(P.S. That is the Jefferson Memorial behind them.)