the wedding

IMG_6543 There is so much to say about the day of the wedding.  They include Vanilla Ice and my broken down car...


My plans for the morning of the wedding weren't quite as I planned.  During my preparations for shooting the wedding, Bobby called along the side of the road, with the kids in the back of the car.  The next few hours would be shuffling kids back and forth, getting a loaner car, and Bobby arriving back at the house 5 minutes past when I had hoped to leave for the wedding.  A bit stressful.

Thankfully, when I arrived at the hotel, there was a change of emotion and excitement was in the air.

IMG_6514 IMG_6467 IMG_6712 IMG_7028

This is one of my favorite shots.  One of the things I loved about spending the whole day with some people I knew and many others I did not, was bonding with them for 8 hours straight.

IMG_7043 IMG_7126 IMG_6453 IMG_7293

The bride's mother sewed all of the bridesmaids' purses to match their jackets.  They were beautiful.


And one of the highlights for Eddie and Beth; the three of us led backstage to meet Vanilla Ice who was performing that night in the bar.  One of his "people" invited us to get a private shot with him.  It took a few attempts and finally we were informed and left the reception to get the shot.  They look pretty happy here!

I got some dancing in between shooting and realized by 11pm that I was down right exhausted.  I'm happy the bride's sister got a shot of the three of us at the end of the day.   It was an exhilarating day. Thanks Eddie and Beth!  Ice Ice, Baby!