the (updated) winter embroidery basket



In January, during my one-on-one winter planning meeting with Annabelle and then Ainsleigh, they independently added "doing embroidery" to their list of things to do/make/learn.

It's taken me a month to get around to compiling the materials for them to have their own inviting basket.  I wanted something simpler and more open compared to Johanna's embroidery basket I made her years ago.  For two almost six year old girls (and me) I decided a simple organized basket of basic cotton fabrics, hoops, book of needles, scissors, and floss would be perfect for them to use (mostly) independently.



Our updated winter embroidery basket is now organized, out, and inviting for one and all.  (It is just high enough for that Rowan to not handle the super sharp scissors.)  I love[amazon_link id="0811861287" target="_blank" ] Little Stitches: 100+ Sweet Embroidery Designs, 12 Projects.[/amazon_link]  It is a favorite book of mine that has inspired me (here and here ) and now, I believe many of the second generation embroiderers are ready to use its more intricate designs.

I love that embroidery has become tradition in our home for many young ladies during the cold winter months.  I've been feeling drawn to its calming affect and craving having a little project to work on when I need to refuel and relax.  And, I get excited to introduce embroidery in it's most basic form to my Rowan with a little time.


Want to learn the benefits of children's embroidery?  Read here.  How to start a simple embroidery kit?  Read here.



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