the twins' sleepover pals



Meet Ginger and Strawberry and Blackberry and, I forget the rest.

These are Annabelle and Ainsleigh's little sleepover pals.


Each little pal has its own sleeping bag for the sleepover.


Three pals for Annabelle, three for Ainsleigh.


In their sleeping bags they go, with one big roll and one tie, they are off!


These sleepover pal sets were actually gifts I made for my almost four-year-old girls for Christmas.  I definitely underestimated the time each doll would take.  The hand sewn balls for each arm and hair detail were the most time consuming--even more than the detailed faces.

But I have fell in love with them as we've all gotten to know them since they were unwrapped at Christmas.  Ginger (in all yellow) is notorious for sneaking away from the group.  Every other day or so I hear Annabelle yell from another room, "I found Ginger!"



{The pattern for the Sleepover Pals is from [amazon_link id="1617690414" target="_blank" ]Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love[/amazon_link].}


Oh my, more girls to surround this lonely boy.  I don't think he minds.


Making dolls for children is so thrilling.  Have you ever tried it?


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