the textures of her life: part two

I went to NYC for an experience.  Something that would change me in some way, make me stronger, more confident, more introspective about life.  The experience that came wasn't quite what I was expecting.  It came through watching her. IMG_3415

In an unlikely place, my sister's children running around sculptures, another child in hand, I watched her.


She, who came to Manhattan at 17 years old, uncertain, alone, longing for familiarity.   She would learn to become confident in her uniqueness, in her skills.  She would become incredible at what she did: fashion design.

Marriage, then children, would mean redefining herself in a place that wouldn't welcome her easily in her new role.  She would fight to find the comforts in her city again, fighting to understand her new identity all the while, holding onto past dreams while cradling young children.  Public transportation and children, laundry mats and children, few friends with children, loneliness and children and wondering why all of this in the city.  And years would pass...

And there I was, watching her living the most recent chapter of her life, in style.  Years of getting out of her comfort zone had changed her.  She was doing what she dreamed of doing now--design and mothering.  She'd become bold without noticing it, glamorous, without wanting it.  A place she fought against for so long had become home, or in her words, it "inspires" her.  And she was defeating all of the odds.


Later, I would sit on the train, returning home, frantically writing down every part of that experience I had.  Everything that I came wanting and found in her.  I wanted that reciprocal relationship with my home, my town, my community, as she has worked so hard to have.  I wanted to live boldly, despite the odds.   I wanted to dismiss hard things and simply label them as "life."

So here I am, changed, convinced a little bit more that life is about moving mountains, no matter who you are.  That's a lot to come home with.

the sleepy time gal

{The Mother's Day Giveaway Winner!}

The winner of the mother's day giveaway is Emily who wrote:

I LOVE reading your posts. You are so crafty and your blog is so fun to look at. The greatest thing that I have learned as a mother is to talk to my mother and seek her advice. She raised 6 kids to be happy, healthy adults who love the Lord, so she must know what she is doing. It makes my learning curve so much easier.

Thanks everyone who participated and give some mothering insight!