The Shiffers' House for Two More Days

It is hard to believe that we've been here living, at Bobby's parents, for almost a month. The girls have loved the extra people and all the attention received, the big house to run through hourly, and the real yard that's come with our move-in. They've been totally hospitable and patient with our active (the kids) and at the same time, handicap (me!) family.

I'm now rolling in at over 48 extra lbs. these days. The funny thing with twins is that once your uterus stops growing, (which has been recently for me now being 30 weeks along), your tummy starts to spread out to the sides--not so much straight forward.

Unbeknownst to the girls, we've moving again in two days. We've been scrambling to find a house we love, have put an offer on one that didn't work out, and so have been speedily looking for a decent house to rent for the summer while we still look to buy a home.

This is Bobby's welcome home from being in Philly today--the day we found out that we got the townhouse we wanted to lease for 6 months. Hooray! Now I can finally nest!!!!!

Here's my satisfying attempt at nesting while at the Shifflers. I finally brought out the sewing machine that has been quite dusty throughout this pregnancy.

They're the soft blocks I love to make for babies. I found colors and designs that will go perfectly with the plans I have for the twins nursery someday.

I like putting little taggies on them for the wee ones to fumble their fingers over. And there always has to be a textured side to the block.

Oh yes, and Caroline's full time job is stuffing the blocks after sewn and packing two little bells inside.

I've promised Caroline a bigger girl apron for months. I couldn't help but put these springy-kitchen lemons with this animal print.

I was a little obsessed with this fabric so had to stretch it a bit more--into burp cloths. Hey, I'll need double, right?

This fabric is the inspiration for the girls' room and hopefully baby announcements. I love the teal, green, and bold pink with damask! Target has a spring line of kitchen ware with this theme that drives me crazy everytime I'm there shopping.

I don't know, do lemons go with spit up? We'll find out.