the second child


What is it about that second child?

I've talked to many women about their seconds and there is something so drastically different from their firsts; a free-spirited soul who marches to the beat of their own drum.



That's my Johanna.

 Sometimes Bobby and I just look at each other wondering where in the world did this child come from?  She has as bizarre fascination for things slightly morbid and I often hear her taking care of her babies with missing limbs and missing parents.  I've caught her in the library sneaking a peek into The Incredible Hulk action books, fascinated with the action illustrations instead of a fluffy happy book.  And she loves a chance to play guns (with gun powder, she tells them) when she's under the influence of boy friends.

Johanna has her own agenda, totally different from Caroline's.  While Caroline wants to please us and help out because of a sense of responsibility she feels, Johanna could honestly care less.  She isn't here to please anyone.  She requires much more creativity in motivating, that is for sure.



And with all of those differences in raising her, there is something in this second child that is unlike my other children.  She has the most laid back, easy-going spirit that calms me so often when I need just one less emotional daughter.  She somehow is internally steady.  She knows when to make a big deal about things and when to brush things off.  Now that I think of it, she is identical to her Daddy.  (Except for the morbid doll play.)

Johanna and I get along so well and it is because her strengths are my weaknesses.  She rejuvenates me.  She exudes her calmness.   And as I'm sure so is your second child, she is absolutely essential to the peace of our family and our home.


What is your second child like?

the sleepy time gal