the room!

5546521850_ebe9a0f03d_b Ahhhhhh... It is complete.  Let me give you a tour and a few notes about some of the special things in the room.



Our front facing bookcases are simple shelves from IKEA.  They have a slight lip in the front to hold the books well.



The desk and chairs were relocated to this room and are used hourly, most perfectly placed in front of the big window.  This is where May Mouse (and other tales) were created.

IMG_3192 IMG_3152

The shelves and baskets (IKEA as well) are slowly being filled with everything they were intended to hold.  More on that another day.


Here is a special print from Persimmon and Pink I've been dying to have in this room.

IMG_3190 IMG_3158

IKEA's shower curtain and metal clips used for an art line.


I had been looking for some time for an alphabet print and love these letterpress prints from Sycamore Street Press.  We actually go to church with the artist/owner's brother!

(I'm still not sure if I love how tight the frames look around the print without frame mats.)

IMG_3120 IMG_3113

And then there are the pillows.  I chose fabric that would work in the room with the other bold fabrics, something springy, as well.  I envisioned the girls plopping down on them in this corner to do something.  So I created an activity on the pillow.  I just sewed a vinyl pocket so they could slide anything inside like a picture, lined paper, blank paper, mad gab pages... something that they could then write overtop with dry-erase markers for hours of fun.

This is Johanna doing what she loves--coloring in Caroline's artwork.  This way, Caroline can't get upset.


The trickiest part of the room was enjoying the presence of the piano while still keeping the room functional.  I like to sit down and play while they are all doing something in different corners of the room.

IMG_3214 IMG_3203

I kept paper flowers made from a church dinner and connected them to some wide ribbon to add something subtle to the wall.   And some new fabric for the chair.  I also like to sit here and just watch everyone in action in this new room.

Come on over and play!