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These are the cute little vinyl pouches that held the homemade jewelry and caramels.  We made them for Saturday's family name gift exchange at my sister's home.  As pleased as we were with the necklaces, the caramels were another story...


After three attempts with two different recipes, and a solid hour and a half of stirring during the last attempt, I finally gave up.  It didn't matter that they didn't set, I was determined that they would somehow still make it into the little gift pouches.


So after hours of freezing them, in hopes they would firm up a little, I began cutting and then plopping them on the parchment paper squares to wrap.  How frustrating!  This was not how I envisioned these delicate homemade candies.  (I'm 99% sure that the reason none of my recipes worked was because I was using Teflon pans... any thoughts from you?  Help???)

I decided that the children that received them could use the individually wrapped caramel goo as little individual caramel dip for apples.  Of course, not until they were safely at home, nearby a kitchen sink to wash up.  Nice plan, huh?


My sister, Tracy, had her home beautifully decorated and inviting for our family gathering.  Lots of hand soaps were handed out along with our little "cousin pouches."

IMG_8718 IMG_8701

The necklaces appeared to be a great hit.  I guess Ainsleigh and Annabelle should have their own, but I think this is exactly what they would do with theirs.


If you're interested in making the vinyl pouches for this or another gift, it is a piece of cake.

mini vinyl pouch

  • Fold over a piece of vinyl (mine is 20 lbs. vinyl found at Jo Ann's) and stitch both sides to create two side seams.
  • Punch a hole in the top corner with a hole punch and thread some festive ribbon through. Done!  Since it is vinyl, you don't need to finish off the top.

Now I am ready for the onslaught of caramel instructions from you.  Good frosty morning, by the way!

the sleepy time gal