the recovery


I have been overwhelmed by yesterday's response to the love/hate relationship of the internet.  How remarkable it is to me that so many people face the same challenges and joys of this new age technology.

I realize that so much of my joy and happiness in life comes from my confidence.  If something in my sphere shakes my confidence, I can see the ripple effect in every part of my life from mothering to baking to blogging to loving.  Who would have thought that as a happily married grown woman my own parent's very recent divorce would shake and continue to affect so many layers of everyday life.   It  has and now I'm accepting it and learning from it.  It has touched the very core of me, my confidence in myself and now I'm on the road of healing and loving again.



I'm grateful for the Christ-centered season that has helped change me.  It has been a relief and a distraction.

And on that note, I'm grateful for so many wonderful, kind readers that understand me, relate to me, and have loved me for these years on the The Sleepy Time Gal.   I felt so much strength through the sisterhood of the blog world--definitely the best part of blogging.

I've got some really simple projects to share in the next little while before Christmas that are quite inexpensive and special to create for little ones and family.  I'm excited to share (loving blogging again) some things you might want to make or assemble for those you love before Christmas.

much love,

the sleepy time gal