the "read" bucket


We said goodbye to my sister-in-law, her husband, and their kids this weekend as they headed back down to NC.  We'll see them again in a few weeks at the beach but oh, how my girls love seeing their cousins.  I was so happy to finally give Christina her birthday present.  If you know my sister-in-law well enough you know she is a reader.  I mean she reads and reads and could tell you something about every book that is popular at the moment, a task at which I would fail horribly.  She also reviews books at The Blue Bookcase blog, something I imagine is quite time consuming but she is excellent and thorough at the task.

Her gift was simple, but something I have wanted to make for some time for her.  A burlap bucket with the word "read" painted on it in black.  I imagined her overflowing paperbacks filling it neatly, nestled next to her favorite reading spot.

I can't tell you enough how fun it is to paint onto totes and buckets these days.  Have you tried it yet?

In other news, I'll be back in this space Wednesday.  Tonight Bobby and I celebrate my birthday and our anniversary from back in May with a trip to D.C. and a walk down memory lane enjoying this and feeling 20 years young again.  I'm excited and have butterflies in my stomach at the same time.  Can a mommy of almost five be caught at a concert??!!

the sleepy time gal