the process




Tomorrow is the rainbow party.  A party of three little friends and Annabelle and Ainsleigh's sisters.

I love watching the un-birthday girls so involved in the process of getting ready to celebrate their sisters.  It makes every part of a very simple party complex in a very hands-on way.  Painted rainbows for games the big girls created, coloring pages the big girls created, and so on.

I love the process of a celebration around here almost more than the celebration itself.  It means everyone participates and contributes to something grander than just one of us could put together.  Many times it means that my visionary-self has to restrain itself from wanting to control everything to look/be a certain way.  Certain things I decide, other details the kids decide.  In the end, there is something more meaningful that everyone has touched either with their hands or their heart.

 Today cakes will be baked and quilts finished.  I think I'll actually miss the whole process of this rainbow party for my girls when it is over...

the sleepy time gal