the notebook

Now that I'm back in full swing here, "the notebook" is calling.  We're not talking cheesy romance here, we're talking this basic unglamorous lined-white-paper-and-fake-leather-cover-notebook.

After my children, this would be the first material possession I would grab in an emergency.

I guess you could call it my "brain on paper."It is amazing how much clearer one's mind is when there is an organized place to compile every thought.  Many nights when there is peace in the house, I'll lightly map out the coming day, what I want to do, when I could fit it in, while this person sleeps or these people are outside, etc.  You get the picture.  Then when the alarm goes off, if I have some direction for the morning, I'm much more likely to rise early to do some important things for me.

Samplings of writings in the notebook:

  • Weekly menu, what to buy at the grocery store
  • Inspiration, whether personal things or ideas I have of how to make my life better/easier.
  • Sketches of anything visual I've had on my mind.  Then when I actually have time to do something about it (decorating a room, sewing something) I have half of the work done--the layout.
  • A mini journal: when the kids are doing memorable things around me I capture them here and date them.  Since I take the notebook to doctor's appointments, church, and most places, if I'm ever waiting around, I can record any thoughts of feelings in the moment.
  • My children love to draw and write in it frequently, so it becomes a family notebook often.   I already cherish the Wizard of Oz characters Caroline drew early on in the notebook's life, a year ago.
  • Goals, goals, goals!  Everything that I care about in life has a goal in this notebook.  Mothering, being a better wife, running, cooking better, making healthy snacks, keeping order in my house, sewing, reading... the list continues.  Whatever is on my mind the most gets it's own page frequently where I can write down everything I want, how to obtain it, possible rewards, and deadlines.

If you don't have something to keep your daily thoughts, try a simple notebook. I love the versatility, the convenience, and the increased results I have writing down all of my thoughts and dreams.  The greatest thrill comes when you've completed an entire notebook and inside each of the pages is your life, your deepest loves in life spread through hundreds of pages.  And then you keep it, refer to it, and treasure it throughout your life as a literal hard copy of your life.