the new menu chart + the designer


IMG_3996 This morning I'm feeling the weight of a week on my shoulders--figuratively--and quite literally in my drowsy, sleepy eyes.  Bobby's had quite a bit of travel this week and was out the door while we all slept again early this morning. It is always by Friday in these situations that my strength/determination/pleasantness wane despite the fact that it was a very wonderful week.

I had very little to give this Friday morning.  I went through the motions of fried eggs for breakfast quite robotically.  My kids were so pleasant and rested this morning sitting up at the counter waiting for breakfast that it gave me just enough in my half-empty cup to press forward one last day.  (Everyone was very pleasant except for Mr. You Know Who that is two.)

So now I am an exhausted but very pleasant mama.  :)

Something new I've really enjoyed this week was finally having a printed menu taped to my refrigerator.  I've always wanted to move away from keeping a menu on my iPad for lots of reasons.  And yes, I usually keep our daily menu up on our dry erase daily menu board but I wanted everything written down for the week that could be adjusted with a little erasing and something that was more tangible for the kids to get involved with.



I knew what I wanted and wasn't super thrilled with the "free printable" weekly menus out there.  So I did something I've never done before: hired a graphic designer.

She was agreeable and so I set down the terms of what I needed, size, space, and text.  The designer got to work one sunny morning right on the counter.


With a little help here and there from the contractor, the design was completed and most excitedly approved and sent to printing.  (Upstairs in Daddy's office.)

Copies were made and ultimately a business transaction was made (one crisp dollar bill!) to the very pleased designer and away I went filling in days with meals.


All week the kids and I have returned to the fridge to see what needs prepping, defrosting, and what we are looking forward to next on our beautiful chart.  I've never been so proud of something on my fridge!

Just from having it up one week I can see how valuable it is to have the girls give ideas for their day of cooking.  Sunday afternoons are the best time for them to help give suggestions for the week and then write it in the menu.  They are more involved in what they are making and it is visible for everyone to see all week.



Thank you, Johanna.  Your design firm will hear from me again.


Happy weekend friends.

 the sleepy time gal