the lucky one

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If I could figure out how to share it easily I would have posted a video I took of her last night dancing to "Sobbin' Women" from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  She is a character.  


Johanna was the lucky one who scored wearing the first covered ponytail holder we made yesterday.  While Johanna danced, Caroline helped me, and Ainsleigh and Annabelle covered themselves in "bracelets", I started cranking these out last night.


If you were to meet my Johanna you'd never believe that I've never cut her hair.  It doesn't grow much and it is half the length of her little sisters'.  Never the less, we do what we can for that curly, wonderfully - wild hair of hers. IMG_5016IMG_5015

More on the hair project tomorrow.  Happy last day of February!


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