the life and times of

I know.  No buttons.  I promised buttons today and there are no buttons.  Tomorrow I'll be back with buttons but today I decided to blog something else.  Bloggers can do that, can't they?

As an obsessed task master, I always liked the idea of scheduled posts for blogs.  It sounded so logical and, well, scheduled and you're done.  Creating post after post and saving them, scheduling them, and presenting a beautiful array of perfectly laid out posts in a week sounded so convenient.

But this space has had to become me day by day, post after post, based on the real "life and times of the sleepy time gal".  That's the name of my blog, isn't it? I've had to accept myself, my own strengths and weaknesses over and over as the author of this space.  I've had to stop comparing and love me.  And would you know it--understanding who I am has changed how I see my blog and how I hope this blog inspires.

As much as I'd love to write 50 posts about life and mothering and creating and feeling, I'd rather live daily and write daily as I go.  I'm as human as you and that's exactly what you should see.  So yes, no buttons today because I wasn't finished taking photos for the button post.  Instead I spent my day yesterday threading Johanna's needle over and over as she excitedly discovered the thrill of embroidery.  I put away piles upstairs and folded laundry.  I packed up Rowan's newborn clothes and watched the girls make him smile.  I went to bed satisfied and exhausted.

I played mommy yesterday.  And those are the real "life and times" of the sleepy time gal.

the sleepy time gal