the library: library books on display


Today's children's room idea is all about library books.  We've always kept all of our books in the living room in a basket, easily accessible for moments when I need the kids to have some quiet time.  Recently, though, I realized how exciting it would be for the kids to feel as if they had their own library in their home.


I remember when I was a little girl and my book-obsessed sister cataloged all of her books and had her own "library in her closet.  If i wanted to borrow one, she would stamp the card in the back of the book with the due date and loan it to me.  I thought that creating a simpler library feeling would be another fun addition to the room.

So now when we return home from the real library loaded with piles of books, I bring some enticing ones onto their "library" shelves.  Seeing the covers makes book reading so much more exciting for them.


And the best part is that every week or two their "library" shelves change, with new exciting books out on display.


Where do your kids keep their library books?


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