the library: a hook and aprons


In continuing the week of ideas from my kids' creative space we affectionately call the library, here are the newly completed art aprons in their appropriate space.


First, the aprons.  Do you remember way back when on this blog when I was planning to open a shop to sell some of my handmade wares?  These were one of the items I was 75% finished sewing before I decided it still wasn't the right time to open an online shop.  Well, I just finishing adding the fabric ties yesterday for four little ladies around here.  Their old art aprons are still usable, but will stay around for visitors to use.




If you are a beginner sewer, this is a great project.  Simply trace a child's kitchen apron to get the shape right for the pattern.  I sandwiched medium weight vinyl on top of the apron fabric and bound the two using bias tape.  Super easy.


Finding contrasting fabric for the neck and side ties is fun.



Simply sew the contrasting ties onto each side of the apron.


And add some velcro for the top of the apron for taking on and off.


You can also add a vinyl pocket on the front of the apron.



And now they are easily accessible in their library/creative space.  I have been holding on to a beautiful hook from my visit to N.C. (from World Market) this past winter.  Now it fits the space perfectly.  By the way, do you like Ainsleigh's wall art?  I've already repainted all of the walls from her skills last month.  Anyway, now when we do a messy project the big girls can run to their apron hook and find their apron, bringing the twins' in toe.


I hope these aprons will last for a long time, for many, many projects and memories with my girls.  These aprons can also double as a protective apron from messy, muddy, play because of the washable vinyl.


What do your kids do for art or messy projects to keep stain-free?

(If you missed yesterday's idea for children's creative/play spaces, read it here.)


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