the internet: a love/hate relationship


I've got to be honest.  I've been struggling lately.  Maybe every blogger comes to this point where you ask yourself, "Does anyone really care?"  The posts, the writing, the pictures, the presence.  I've felt the overwhelming influence of the internet lately, with its Pinterest, mom blogs, projects, pretty pictures of life, and the ever present question of, "Do I have anything to offer?  And how does it compare?"

 All of these questions like the most popular advent calendars circulating the web that make you question your own unexciting homemade calendar make me wonder if I was better off before the internet.  You know, using my own mind and creativity and solutions for life.  Back then when I had only books and people to gather information from.  Now I know so many details about hundreds of people, books I've never read, ideas for parenting, ideas for creating and homeschooling, and even apps for making beautiful food.


I hate it and then I love it.  I hate how I compare and discount my life and what good I do.  And I love how it has expanded my mind and, in essence, my life.  The bitterness lasts for a little while until I forgive the computer that I once cursed and make up by checking a favorite blog, but this time promising to only enjoy and not be brought down.

So if you don't mind, I'll keep blogging.

 It fulfills me, pushes me, and actually forces me to become more confident in me since I share the web with millions of incredible people.  And so I will love the internet again...