the inspiration room and knobs

IMG_0650 While we stayed with my brother and sister in law in North Carolina recently, I feel in love with their daughter's room.  And it all came down to the dresser knobs.



(I was totally surprised to see the peacock I made for Isobel a few years ago.  It is a peacock room, thus the fabric peacock.   The coolest part is Isobel's turquoise bed frame matches my art! )

Christina refinished some hand-me-down furniture with paint and then did something so simple, but dramatic: switched out the knobs.  I couldn't stop thinking about all of the possibilities of doing something so simple to some of our hand-me-down, less exciting furniture.


(This is my favorite of her knob choices.)

And now, thanks to Christina taking me to World Market for the first time, I have knobs!  Cool knobs for cheap!


After two trips to Lowe's looking for perfect pulls (and both ending in returns) to complete Ainsleigh's dresser, I'm still searching.  The next idea has to deal with spray paint.  Exactly what Bobby wouldn't want to hear.  More details on that project when it comes to a close.

Have you switched out knobs for a totally different look?  It is pretty thrilling...