the hanging mobile


Today is December 1st.  Mary and Joseph can now begin to make their journey (via velcro) to the manager on our hanging advent calendar, something that my girls have been anticipating for a week now.  All of the gingerbread cookie ornaments have been raised to the top half of the tree for the twins' sake, since most if the ornaments have a few corners missing in them.

And so our month begins with great anticipation towards Christmas. Despite the lists of Christmas-making, holiday-baking, though, there is something new to our home that hangs quietly and untouched down the hall from where I sit...


It is a mobile of remembrance.  It is a mobile that hangs above the children's table and chairs of origami cranes that symbolize peace.  We bought a few packages of these cranes at one of Rie's local bake sales for Japan.  The cranes have now become a combined symbol of our love and efforts for Japan this past year.



I glued one end of a piece of thread inside the wings of each crane.


Then it was a matter of taping the other end of the thread inside the inner hoop of an embroidery hoop.  I closed the outer hoop around the inner hoop, tightened the hoop, and removed some of the exposed tape.

Then I hot glued velvet trim to the hoop and hung the mobile with more velvet trim to create a hanging mechanism.  I simply tied the mobile with a bow to our curtain rod.

IMG_1648 IMG_1661

I always pause for a moment as I come down the stairs and stare at the mobile.  It has become a symbol of strength of mankind.  It reminds me of email after email I would read back in the spring of hundreds of strangers that eagerly wanted to help, give, make, and love the people in Japan.  It reminds me of everything incredible about the coming together of mankind.


the sleepy time gal