The Glorified Leftover

In an attempt to explore our world culturally, we had a French dinner the other night.

Homemade crepes with Bobby's grilled chicken, broccoli cream sauce to fill. Very decedent.
The kids loved watching me fill each crepe slightly, smoothing around to cover, and gently rolling it before placing it in front of them to try.

(Dessert, of course, were crepes with the ever so gently applied Nutella- that chocolate hazelnut goodness. That stuff is definitely for another post!)

The best part? With so much leftover filling, the following night I threw in the leftover roasted herb potatoes, chopped, a little more milk and chicken broth, and Voila! An awesome hardy, quite flavorful soup/chowder.

Because the chicken had been grilled, potatoes roasted, there was an elevated level of flavor when combined in the soup and allowed to simmer together.

Think beyond tonight's dinner. Can you take one more step in it's prep to transform the leftovers tomorrow night?