The First Born

Caroline. She has been invaluable this last year. Somewhere in the intensity of our lives she has stepped up to become my daily relief, runner of all-things baby, and peacemaker (i.e. giving Johanna what she want even if it's her turn to play with it over and over again).

Late afternoons are once again our time. Whether resting under her blankie together or literally running downstairs while the rest of the house sleeps to make something, it's one of our favorite times of the day.

Thus, the artsy clutch. Something I was recently inspired to finally try out for a special someone who can't even comprehend with her four year old mind what she does for me day in and day out.

It was a team effort, really. She got to design her fabric with whatever comes to a child's mind like, "I Luv You", "Coowl Sci" (Cool Sky), and green-haired hills with fabric markers.

And so the pleasing first child graciously thanked me, hugged me, and went along her way, as always, more in love with me than anything I make her.

How I never want to forget this season.