the final picking


We've been in the kitchen a little more than usual.  We've harvested the last of our garden with preparations to uproot it this week.  That is a bitter sweet experience.  The garden has brought so many discoveries for my girls all summer long and given us beautiful food for the family, but I kind of gave up bending down to pick green beans a while ago.  It will be a relief to not feel guilty giving little attention to the sweltering garden.

Now the last of the tomatoes that were gathered has magically made it into this incredible roasted tomato basil soup.  Barefoot Contessa-- you can never go wrong with her recipes.  And everyone tried it, some liked it, others devoured it, last night.  (It is pureed in the end, by the way.)

All that remains is a small selection of green peppers on my counter... any suggestions??

the sleepy time gal