the fall family photo

Shiffs 019-1SM I thought you'd like to see some family portraits my dad recently photographed.

The plan was for Bobby to be home by this time, dinner to be ready by this time, dinner eaten, kids in dresses (the last of the homemades from mom this season), strapped in the car, and off to the park.  All before we lost any light.  If you're a mother of little ones you're already probably laughing at the attempt at such a precise plan.


With me throwing hair in pigtails, my dad setting up to shoot, we had very little light by the time we actually made it to the park.  My dad did a great job despite the limited lighting.  You can see that in the photos.  Dark, darker, darkest outside.


Now I'm off to quietly make a birthday breakfast for the birthday boy.  Being that there is only one boy in the household, you've got it, it's Bobby.  The big 30.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's sleepy time tip-- it will be a slightly different approach to celebrating a birthday as a family.  It will be a lot of fun!

the sleepy time gal