the days...


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There is so much to write today.

Possibly about the recent days suffering with my stomach or possibly about the angel women that have offered help, a meal, or a playdate for my kids.  Or maybe I could just write about the direction of hope I'm trying so very hard to focus on for my stomach ailments.

Yes, that hope is where I should start.

I'm trying different enzymes to help aid in digestion and, of course, I'm very carefully choosing my diet which is seriously one of the hardest feats when the ravenous pregnant mother in me is shouting for something more.  And so I try a new course of action and pray fervently along the way.  How I never expected this to worsen with the newness of a pregnancy and yet, here I am, with a new life to figure out.

It always seems to be the simple things that possibly used to go unnoticed that bring joy right now.  Like a warm day in the backyard with no task in hand, just the pleasure of watching content children.  Or complaining after a difficult stomach day only to watch my husband continue to do everything around the house pleasantly without complaint.

On a much lighter note, the desire to sew is growing, I think out of boredom.  I know - me bored - crazy, huh?  I think I'm ready to give it a try and I have a feeling it will  be very nourishing.  Thanks for all of your thoughts lately - I feel so strengthened by them.

much love,

the sleepy time gal