the day the crayons quit: a book review


IMG_1514 You know those children's books that make reading to your kids absolutely delightful?  I have my personal favorites that are too good to keep to myself.  Here is one of our most favorite picture books that I promise won't disappoint.

[amazon_link id="0399255370" target="_blank" ]The Day the Crayons Quit[/amazon_link] is so creatively written.  The book is a compilation of letters from each crayon from the child, Duncan's, crayon box.  It is such a creative approach to what each individual crayon may be thinking from being overused, underused, misused, and beyond.


The illustrations are purely child-like and absolutely convincing that the crayons really are real and have feelings.  The black crayon wants to be used for happier, brighter subjects, like beach balls and suns.  The blue crayon is getting too short and stubby from all of the oceans and whales Duncan colors in.

The greatest part of this book is how authentic and realistic the crayons are: their feelings, needs, and desires from their beloved owner, Duncan.


My kids' favorite part (that creates the most giggles) is the peach crayon's letter.  He is so embarrassed that his paper has been peeled off that he can't leave the crayon box because he's naked.  Seriously, so creative!


By the end of the story, Duncan listens to all of his crayons' requests and adjusts his artistic creations to please each one of them through the ultimate coloring masterpiece (which you have to see for yourself).  My kids love the last page because they get to point out how each crayon's requests were realized in the artwork.  I love this reader-involvement on the last page.

[amazon_link id="0399255370" target="_blank" ]The Day the Crayons Quit [/amazon_link]is an excellent picture book for ages 2-8.


We frequently checked out this book from the library and recently gave it to Ainsleigh for Christmas.  Now it's a part of our collection of our favorite children's books.   I can't recommend it enough!


Make the most of "reading time"  with your kids!

[amazon_image id="0399255370" link="true" target="_blank" size="medium" ]The day the crayons quit [/amazon_image]

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