the coupon queen herself: an interview


Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine and obsessive money savin', coupon clipping, fiend.  Cindy is a happy little wife, mother of three, and incredible at getting things for free, dirt cheap, or in many instances, making money off of deals.  Cindy, let's chat:
STG: How did you get into couponing?
Cindy: Couponing has turned into a hobby for me.  I literally get a rush when I can get something for nothing.  It all started back in Utah with a childhood friend of mine.  I still remember the phone call where she asked me, "you like coupons, right?  Well, let me tell you about this site I found."  I've been hooked ever since.
STG: So how do you find all of your deals?
Cindy: The key to a great deal is layering your coupons with other sales and store promos.  Several stores put out their own store coupons which can be used with manufacture coupons.   Wait for a sale and you've got yourself a deal.  Throw in a rebate and you can easily make money.
I use websites that match up deals for me.  One of my favorite sites is
STG: Give us an example of one of your incredible deals and how you did it.
Cindy: There are a lot of amazing deals out there.  One that sticks out is my Toy Story deal--I even hooked you up with this one! I was able to price match a Toys R Us ad at Target, plus still get the Target deal of an additional $10 off when I bought both Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2.  Plus I had $10 manufacturer coupons on each movie.  In the end I purchased  2 copies of TS1 (blue ray + DVD combo pack)  AND 2 copies of TS2 (blue ray + DVD combo pack) for ........ $8.42!!!  (The receipt said 'you saved $84.74.')  And that's not all!  Each movie had a free ticket to see Toy Story 3 in the theaters.  4 blue ray movies + 4 movie tickets for $8.42.   Not too bad!
I also have to mention my $0.33 Huggies Diapers.  I went a little crazy on those. (See photo below)
STG: How could someone get started saving money like you?
Check out to see what deals are floating around.  There are several deals that can be done with printable coupons you'd find online.  If you find yourself getting more interested in coupons you should consider getting your hands on a Sunday paper for the coupon inserts and ads.
Thanks Cindy.  Every time I see you I ask what new deals you're mapping out that week and there always is something!   Many of her deals require her to return to the store (usually Target or Rite Aid since they redeem manufacturers coupons with their coupons) often to make more transactions to reach the quantity of items she wants for the price.  I thought you'd enjoy taking a tour of her room of deals.  Let me remind you that much of what is see was free or for pennies.


{Over 100 salad dressings}

IMG_7077 IMG_7081

{Yes, her bathrooms are very clean with all of those Scrubbing Bubbles products.}


{33 cents diapers and plenty of them.}


Pretty inspiring, don't you think?

Any questions for the Coupon Queen?

Do any of you clip coupons and save big?