the competition results

IMG_2050 Late last night after every little child had gone to sleep, there were quiet knocks at the door for our nighttime fitness celebration: parents, in-laws, and a judge, my brother.

After a key note presentation (which my brother beautifully made) with graphs and charts of our beginning and ending statistics, the last slide appeared...

I won the challenge! These last three months I lost 14 lbs., gained muscle, and am down a few sizes!  It has been so thrilling having me and my husband working for something together.  We're both stronger physically and mentally because of it.  And we really worked together to encourage each other.


It is hard to believe that the challenge is over.  It was something that was always on the back of our minds pushing and encouraging us for three months! What a wonderful memory with my husband.

It is something you and a loved one should definitely try.  It pushes you both and adds some excitement in taking on a goal as a couple.

Try your own fitness challenge:

  • Choose a deadline (3 months is a perfect amount of time and it allows you to see results before getting burned out.)
  • Decide upon a reward. Every goal should have a reward to motivate yourself and push you.  (Ours was a set amount of money that the winner could use for what they desired.)
  • Tell friends and family. It helps keep you committed when other people know about your goals.
  • Start with a bang! Decide when and where you will exercise, how you and your family will eat, changes you need to make, or the ideal healthful way of living and begin living it!
  • Work as a team. Remind each other about the challenge often and help each other fit exercise into their schedule.

Although we were competing against each other, we proved to work better when we were helping each other along the way.

This morning I'm happily thinking about how to use my award money.  Something for my kitchen or something for my sewing hobby???

What about you, how do you get motivated to keep healthy?