the big announcement!

Drum roll please...

(Photo courtesy of Women for Women International)

Yoga for Congo Women is coming to the East Coast!!!!

Ann Richmond of MommYoga and I have begun preparations to host the 6th Yoga for Congo Women event right here in central PA!

Are you aware of what is taking place right now to women in the Congo?  See the events through this brief video from Run for Congo Women:

Here is just one account from one woman of the Congo, Lucienne:

Lucienne, a victim of rape in the DR Congo, is a single mother of three daughters. Lucienne's husband was away when men entered her home in December 2006.

Lucienne describes the horror that happened next: "When we got to the bush, they pulled me down to rape me in front of my brother...As he hid his face in shame, they struck him with a gun and pulled him away to kill him."

Lucienne spent three-and-a-half months as a sex slave, becoming pregnant with a child.

Upon return to her village, Lucienne's husband shunned her from the community. Lucienne needed help, and she came to Women for Women International. Lucienne reflects that, "Joining the program has been a life has changed and my children are healthy. I recovered confidence through the [Women for Women International] training."

(Taken from Women for Women International)

Reading this makes me forget about all of my cares.  I want to do something.   Yoga for Congo Women is a yoga event that will change you as you help change the lives of women like Lucienne. 100% of the donations raised go to sponsoring women through Women for Women International’s Congo Program. All money raised through registration fees (after defraying the cost of the event) will also go to Women for Women International’s Congo program.  Read here for more information on what the sponsorships do for these women.  You can also donate here.

I know that many of you readers live on the east and so I hope dearly you can come participate to help the cause of

these women.  (For those of you westerners, there are more Yoga for Congo Women events taking place in February and beyond.  See the dates and locations below.)

You don't need to be familiar with yoga to participate.

Ann from Yoga for Congo Women:   It is anticipated that most of the participants will be new to yoga, just as you are. This event has nothing to do with yoga proficiency and everything to do with bonding together with others for a common cause: to spend a powerful morning united together, to save as many of our sisters in the Congo as we can. When many people unite together, particularly when done so out of their comfort zone, miracles can happen.

The date is still to be announced, we're planning for a Saturday in May.  We're looking forward to making this the largest Yoga for Congo Women yet!  And I truly hope you can come and participate with us for such a cause.  We'll have a quite enticing prize for the participant who travels the farthest to come.  More on that and other accommodations to come!

Upcoming events:

Salt Lake City, UT: February 26, 2011 (Event Details)

Logan, UT: February 26, 2011 (Event Details)

Denver, CO: TBA

East Coast (PA): TBA