that hair


Today I'm taking a break from the usual posts and writing about what puts a smile on my face this very moment, since that has been a little hard to come by lately.

Ainsleigh's hair.


Does she realize how good she has it?


It is like it is allergic to hair ties and barrettes. It can't be contained for more than a minute.  In her face, collecting food.


Is it any wonder why her Daddy calls her Pantene?


That's the end of my "happy moment" post.  I hate to jinx things, but I think we might be on the up and up over here.  There is a growing list of things to make and build and hang and sew and do.  Big beautiful life, we are ready!

Some things on our list:

  • making a wormery
  • handing mirrors and embroidery hoops in the living room (Shhh... Don't tell Bobby until they're all up!)
  • the annual spring skirt-sewing extravaganza


What is your "happy moment" this morning?