thank heaven for little girls

Today I watched Annabelle clap her hands with joy as Grandma turned the pages to her new book we made her.

I watched as they eagerly watched big sisters unwrap crinkly paper before their eyes.

Today I watched my Ainsleigh and Annabelle kick and squeal as singing and cake drew near, anticipating something special just for them.

And then, it all came back to me.  The C-section, the miracle that Annabelle survived, the miracle that they both survived in one sac...

Every emotion I felt from the last 12 months came back.

How is it that I have this beautiful Annabelle and Ainsleigh, here in front of me, grown, healthy, happy, loved, and sucking on giraffes?  How?

I never knew hard things so well until I had twins with two other young children.  I never knew life so gratifying until now.

Happy Birthday, my lovely miracles!