textures of greensboro

IMG_0533 IMG_0529

{A little artsy shop downtown called "just be"}


{Outside The Green Bean coffee shop.  Caroline's taking down cocoa in the rain--yes, rain. Thrilled we could enjoy a bit of warmer weather down south.}


{Ainsleigh and Annabelle enjoying calling someone else, "baby, baby."


{The well-trodden hard wood floors of Brooke and Christina's home.  Their beautiful 1930s home we lived in and loved this weekend.}


{A quiet moment with mama Christina and Jude at the Marbles Children's Museum in Raleigh.  All I can say is, incredible place.}


{A little shot--without Christina behind the camera-- of the gang.  Two brothers, their wives, and lots of kids.  Ahhh... I am definitely missing the sun, the chaos, late night talks, and the beauty of North Carolina this morning.}

More to share tomorrow.

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