Teething Blues

Teething times three (yes, Johanna's molars, too) creates an interesting situation for me. But not an entirely new situation for me. It just means I become much more needed than the other very "needed" days.

So we've adapted this week. The neediest child sits on Mommy's lap while Caroline is coaxed to cheer up the ones next in line. She and I are a good team.

So these pants were sewn for that special helper whom I've been promising them to.

Cropped and lace detailed--perfect for the coming spring. But the season wouldn't make any difference to her. On went the rain boots and the outfit was complete.

And while I was making her pants...

the little ones were needing a pick-me-up, you know, teething their first teeth and all.

Some are here to stay and others will find their home else where.