taking the ocean home


When I did the routine packing for our week long trip to the ocean, I threw a few random things into my bag: a hot glue gun, adhesive magnets, and clothes pins.  For one, it is difficult for me to go too long without making something. And two, I wanted to create something with my girls (and their cousin Isobel) that would let them bring the ocean home with them.


They collected shells.  (Mostly Isobel and her Mommy--my girls were too distracted with waves to hold on to their shells.)


The flat shells and pieces of shells were gathered for making shell magnets.  The round adhesive magnets were perfect for little hands to peel off the back and press the flat shell onto it.


Then onto the fridge.


I love the variety in size and color and can't wait to put them up on our fridge now at home.


We used the rest of the more round and beautiful, delicate shells for the clothes pins.

We used the hot glue gun to glue them onto the clothes pins.  The shell clothes pins can be used for a variety of things:

  • an artwork clothesline hung indoors
  • the clothes pins labeled with each family member's name for a family chore chart to hang jobs
  • to hold photos from the beach
  • used to hold together piles of important papers


Now I've learned to always bring the hot glue gun to the beach.  I glued two beautiful shells together to create a small jewelry holder.  (See below.)


Aren't the beautiful colors of nature incredible?  I love the shells on the natural wooden clothes pins.  It adds to the warmth and texture of the shells.


Now we're home, happy to be home and missing the ocean at the same time.  We have little reminders, though, scattered around our house.

How do your children remember their special family trips?