taking september seriously


I always expect that September will be a slow month, since the summer months were full and zoomed by.  And then it arrives, full of activity, hopes, and planning for the fall.

I'm trying to plan just enough in our weeks while leaving enough open to spontaneity.  We've done this before, when there were fewer kids.  Here's the new and improved weekly plan I've added to:

  • Project Day- time to make and do something creative that takes some planning and prep.
  • Baking Day-- which is usually intact in our week, but I'm hoping to sometimes invite  little visitors to join us.
  • Clean House Day-- time set aside for more specific cleaning, with my little helpers doing age appropriate dusting, cleaning, etc.
  • Community Day-- a day set aside for any prearranged volunteering we set up.  More on that to come.
  • Nature / Library Day-- alternating these two days weekly, we can plan specific seasonal projects and exploration days outside and around our neighboring town.

Every night when I tuck the big girls in, they love listening to what the next day brings.  Depending on other day trips, our planned activities above can always be shortened, lengthened, or rearranged in the week.  I love that the planned activities are all things we'd be doing anyway, but allows us to plan ahead and give my children some rhythm in their day.

That rhythm is so good for me, as well.  It forces me to be ready Sunday evening, going into the coming week, to know what to be ready for.  It makes our days exciting and quite rewarding.


 {Don't you love these family pool party invitations the girls made for their (canceled) birthday get together.  Canceled because of Irene a week ago.}


Speaking of Project Day, I've got an easy, free, creative and educational project to share tomorrow.  Think rocks....


the sleepy time gal