take a peek inside: the library

Some differences have risen over the interior design of the library.

Comments like, "It's a little abstract for me" and,

"I don't know how I feel having my face on the furniture" kind of comments.

I've been loving the challenge. Bobby and I have similar taste, but as he recently stated, "Our tastes are starting to veer (turn sharply; change direction abruptly) apart."

Yes, my taste is constantly changing, which is exactly why I want to live up every stage of my transformation.

The down low of the "extreme"room:

Couch: recovered with my Granny's fabric with staple gun.

Pillows: Appliqued our silhouettes from the etchings I did for our wedding invitations. (A bit of a challenge staring at a 1.5 inch head of my and Bobby.

Lamps: Colonial brass hand-me-downs I sprayed with pewter-looking metal spray.

Wall Hanging: repurposed canvas draped in fabric.

I prepared Bobby I would be taking a poll: so what do you think?