take a peek inside: a place to sew

I have a new inspiration board for my new space. It reminds me a lot of my Granny, not only because I used her '70s knit fabric but it gives me a feminist woman-power feel. Maybe that will push me to do as I've done tonight, and stay up late just because I can. Now there-- that's woman power.

I thought you'd be interested in seeing my sewing area the way it usually looks, not tidy and cutesy, but definitely lived in. Piles of fabric, trimmings, paint (which really isn't supposed to be there), many half started projects, batting, and a hammer and nails.

I'm still hanging things around the corner from my sewing space in the kids' playroom. Now that has been the funnest room, by far, to plan and decorate. Still not quite ready to reveal.

But these are the pillows I made for the playroom. Thankfully there's still some of this crazy fabric left.