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Happy birthday, today, Bobby.  

Yesterday after church the girls and I pulled a last minute surprise-cake-gathering together for Bobby and kept it a secret until 7:45 last night.   Bobby walked through our door (with us excitedly in tow) to a unison "Surprise!" from friends who were waiting for our arrival.

Can I just say that one of the most special parts of yesterday was watching my girls all day.  Keeping the secret.  Keeping up our plan.  Pulling the twins aside regularly to tell them what not to say (cake, balloons, party) around Daddy. Helping me speedily hang streamers and coming up with a cake and cleaning up its mess and doing it all in three hours.

I was so proud of them.


This morning Caroline had us gather in the living room while Bobby entered the room to sing to him first on his actual birthday.  No wonder I was so proud of my girls last night; they weren't just helping and making his surprise party special because I asked but because they would do anything for their special daddy.  They love him so much.


Happy Birthday, dear Bobby.

the sleepy time gal