summer collage


On our first weekday morning back to normal this week, we needed something new and exciting to start the week.  We took a lead from a library book we've been enjoying (and is so timely) called Miranda's Beach Day to experiment with collage.  The illustrator of the book creates all of the illustrations through collage.  We've loved figuring out some of her techniques together as we've read.  We've talked about the sand and crabs and waves we will see in a few days.  And, as it happens to Miranda, we've talked about the tide and how it has a habit of engulfing sand castles.

Making collages on a lazy summer morning is quite easy and pretty exciting for the eager-eyed kids watching as more and more "items" come out onto the table.

What to gather for summer collages:

  • scrapbook paper
  • scrap paper of any sort
  • origami paper
  • pom-poms
  • dried beans
  • cotton balls (perfect for making clouds!)
  • chipboard cut outs
  • ribbon
  • markers
  • stencils
  • glue stick for each child
  • scissors
  • dried noodles
  • buttons
  • any other small items that can be glued

You can let kids just start cutting and gluing or give them a specific theme.  Ours, of course, was the beach.  I loved seeing how the older girls used buttons and pom-poms for sand and crabs, cotton balls for clouds, and layered paper to create depth.  The more they experiment, the more they will figure out how to achieve the look and feel of something 3D.

Beyond collages, I've been slipping downstairs with bits and pieces of my time to work on a special beach project (for all the kids going to the beach this weekend) with this adorable fabric I told you about.  I just finished all six this morning!

Have your kids tried collage??

the sleepy time gal