strong mothers

{Christina cradling her newborn son.  He can't take his eyes off her.}

A lot of mothers have inspired me.  This generation of moms in the world today are doing mighty things, balancing life seamlessly, and transforming a child through constant, ever so gentle love and affection.  Here are a few in my life, sharing a tender moment with their child.  I love that in every photo their arms are the means to express their love--enjoy.


{Christine enfolding a sad child with affection.}


{Elizabeth with Isabel wrapped around her hip, together. }


{Michelle holding up a child as she sees the world around her.}


{A strong back carries little Alan.}

Easter 014

{Mama's arms are secured around baby Meredith as she explores her new found feet.}


{A concerned mom's hands sooth and heal a wounded little child.}


{William is embraced so close to Mama.  Lynn will spend the next year taking wheat, dairy, all nuts, most meats, and most grains out of her diet in order to nurse this child with his intense allergies. Strong mothers.}

Who are the strong mothers around you?  Tell them.

the sleepy time gal