IMG_4393 When I was in college I took a series of stress management courses.  We learned that the definition of stress is the belief that you don't have the skills to handle or resolve a certain situation.

I've been thinking about that definition in terms of my Ainsleigh and Annabelle.  Two eighteen month olds that are busy pulling things off tables, destroying things, running into the street in two different directions, one sitting in my lap right now banging on the keypad...

I feel the stress, but I don't like the definition of it.  My doubting of any skills I have to raise two busy twins leads me to this stress.



What's a mom to do?

I always try to teach my oldest, Caroline, that she can creatively solve any of her problems.  Now I'm trying to take my own advice.

To remove that stress (based on the definition) is to resolve my issues of running after these busy bodies all day with courage and confidence. Even more advanced thought and planning means I can still do and be what I want for my older girls, too.

On my list of things to resolve and remove the stress:

  • Fix the highchair strap so one of the babies can't get out (very important!)
  • Enjoy the delightfulness of this phase of two wee children exploring their world
  • Have a plan of exactly what the twins can do while I do organized things with my other children

There will always be difficult phases in our lives.  Stress will always be an option if I allow it.  I'm learning now to stop complaining to my husband so much and use that energy to find creative solutions.  We are powerful, creative people.  We can solve our problems and find joy.

How about you?  What have you turn into problem solving that originated as stress?