storybook magnet tutorial

IMG_7255IMG_7250 There are so many illustrators that capture childhood imagination beautifully between a book's pages.  There are such great emotional ties to certain books from my childhood usually because of my memory of the illustrations.

Seeing my sister-in-law's homemade cards recently gave me an idea; why not make some (much needed) magnets from our favorite illustrations out of our most favorite books.  It was a perfect project to do with my children as we sat with books scattered all around us, flipping through pages, voting for the best ones.

What you'll need to make storybook magnets:

cardboard coasters

magnetic sheets

your favorite photocopied illustrations

Mod Podge adhesive



craft brush

IMG_7243 IMG_7239

Trace coaster onto photocopied illustration exactly where you want it cut. Involve the kids as to where you want to place emphasis on the illustration.  (We discovered that color illustrations actually stood out better on the refrigerator than just black and white illustrations.)

IMG_7242 IMG_7240

Cut out circle from illustration.


Trace coaster onto magnet sheet.


Cut out circle on magnetic sheet.


Glue (using Mod Podge) illustration onto coaster with a craft brush.  Glue coaster onto magnet the same way.  Lastly, glue a thin layer onto the illustration to seal, covering the edges as you brush.

IMG_7276 IMG_7292

I love how large the magnets are.  No more wimpy, tiny magnets that won't hold up kid's artwork!


Now here's the question: can you guess the books of all seven magnets??? (Or at least the author or illustrator.) I'd love to see if you know these books!  Answers and winner will be announced tomorrow.

the sleepy time gal