STG flickr group: what YOU are doing

chalk board 2 I'm happy to share another round of my favorites from the Sleepy Time Gal Flickr Group; all things that you are doing and creating to beautify and simplify your life.

Above from Little Women and a Mom:

We've been using our STG-inspired decorative chalk board as a kind of "reminder" in various places in our home...

This one in the bathroom, where I know they all spend "alone time" in the day...that's hard to do in a family with 5 little girls. In the bathroom, they have one of their only quiet, alone moments in the day. No better time for a reminder of a lesson we had a few days ago about "making room" for Christ in this Christmas season and in our home.

baby gift for Amélie

Above from Nina Corleone:

A baby gift for Amelie.  I learned to make these name blocks under The Sleepytime Gal's tutelage! I have made SO MANY of them now, but I think this one is my favorite.


Above from CK and Becka:

One of my favorites for lighting and composition. He was painting.

Table Runner #2

Above from kcr@in:

My cousin's mantra is Breathe. Trust. Smile.

So that's what I embroidered here. At the last minute I thought of quilting those stars to match the embroidery and I'm glad I did.

Rocket Quilt - top

Above from kcr@in:

My first piecing - I love how it turned out!

I would LOVE some ideas on how to quilt it!

Didn't you love that??  I'd love to see what you are doing, creating, and becoming!  Submit your photos to the STG Flickr group for the next round up.  I am so impressed with how inspiring you all are.  Isn't it incredible how real the desire to create is, among women?  Everyone has something beautiful to offer, something unique and perfectly their own.

I can't wait to show you tomorrow the surprise that is sitting in my living room.  Something that has helped ease the discomforts of sickness over here.  Something that has brought more music into our home... see you tomorrow!!!!!

the sleepy time gal