staying active

While my stomach often dictates my mood in this household, distractions are the best daily remedy. First, there's potty training.  Johanna really could care less--I'm just ready to stop buying diapers for three children.  Caroline has kindly shared her chart with her sister: so I guess it is more like a potty/earn-running-shoes chart.

Babies.  A constant distraction--crawling Annabelle and healing Ainsleigh.  As long as I know where Annabelle is, I don't need to worry about Ainsleigh.

And the newest distraction, and welcomed change, designing a set, something I've never done before.  Scenic art and painting, yes.   This is a perfect distraction--and one that reminds me of life before children.  I'm excited to do it now with new perspective and definitely, on a time schedule (with a babysitter or Bobby around so I can go and paint).

But really, though, I'm learning to live around my constant discomforts.  The past has revealed that this will go away and hopefully not return for a while.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my mind elsewhere.  Having kids keeps it elsewhere.