starting something + the new hair kit


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 The one item sucked up the most in our vacuum is not paper scraps (which you might have been guessing) but hair pins from four dancers.  Hair pins are everywhere.  Not only do I try to brush and at least do something with my four girls' hair each morning, but six days a week I spend my late afternoon brushing, spraying, and creating pretty buns for my oldest two ballerinas.

And for that purpose our cute "hair kit" I made years ago has been overwhelmed with too many clips, pins, bobby pins, head bands, and barrettes over the years.  Resolving the frustrating hair kit dilemma has remained on my to-do list for a very, very long time.  Of course, I wanted the perfect solution--maybe a larger sewn tote with compartments or something made of wood to hang and organize all of their hair accessories.  Trust me--I've spent a lot of time brainstorming the ideal kit for our current needs even falling asleep at night with visions of something impressive.  Recently I even pinned loads of ideas on Pinterest that I could make or modify for the absolutely perfect hair kit.  It would be grand indeed.  And functional.  And lovely on our living room shelf.



Thankfully, as I'm working to change how I work more successfully + efficiently, I realized I've been doing exactly what I'm trying to stop doing: waiting for the perfect solution or perfect scenario before I start something.  It's pathetic that this is the reason that on a daily basis I get frustrated frantically digging through to the bottom of the kit to find more hair pins and why everyone gets frustrated when the whole kit topples over and they have to throw everything back into it.   And the heaping mess of hair supplies are jumbled all over again.

Now I can clearly admit it: it's my own fault.  I've been waiting for the perfect solution which has caused me to procrastinate just starting something and just finding a great--maybe not perfect--solution immediately.

So, despite my inner perfectionist, I decided to just do something.  Who would have thought that with a 5 minute stroll through the organizational aisle at Target with my kids, I found a great solution.   It's boxy, plastic, and overt but I did it!  I found a functional solution and now I'd dare to say, a perfect solution.


Some things are worth my time to create and enjoy the process of making.  And seriously friends, other times it's far better to simply find a solution.    To just get started.  To find order and peace in my life now instead of putting it off until I find the "perfect solution" in greener pastures.

the sleepy time gal