"staging" and granitas


If you're familiar with what it means to "stage" a home, then let me give you a simple photography tip, that of staging your shot.


I'm sharing our granita process with you as a simple example of staging.  It isn't even spectacular, but subtle.  When I began shooting photos of the granita-making process, I knew I wanted to do it on the small table in the kitchen, where the best afternoon light can be found.  The glass dish and fork looked "blah" alone.

So this is when adding something, anything, can make a huge difference to your photography.


I opened my hand towel drawer, and there she was, my yellow hand towel.  Perfect accent for my lemon granitas.  By just throwing it along side the granita dish, that color made a super boring shot perk up.  (The pink pom-poms add great texture, as well.  Way to go hand towel!  I knew you could do it!)


Pretty simple way to pep up the subject you're photographing, huh?

Although I love unstaged, natural shots, sometimes I really want a beautiful look that I can manipulate, especially if the subject or surroundings aren't ideal.

(See here, where I staged these soaps on gift wrap.  And here, where I staged a stack of fabric on a less busy piece of fabric to make them all pop.  And here, where I opened up a patterned paper napkin for a nice contrast to show off a baked good.)


Now let's enjoy the granita.  If you made homemade popsicles from the 10 things to do this summer post, here is a tip.  Make granitas!


How to make summer granitas:


  1. Make fresh lemonade (or any other flavored drink)
  2. Pour mixture into a square glass dish and freeze.
  3. Pull out of freezer and allow to defrost a bit.
  4. Start scraping with a fork to loosen the frozen mixture.  You should get nice ice shavings.
  5. Scoop some in a cup (maybe with a slice of lemon!) and serve.
  6. Wait for smiles.

IMG_5897 IMG_5899