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This morning is crisp and perfect for some apple picking.  We are all pretty excited if you couldn't tell from my Pinterest pins recently.

I'm excited to announce an awesome discount with one of The Sleepy Time Gal's sponsors today, Moo.com. Their newest addition to their line of products are their Luxe cards, which are absolutely beautiful and Bobby used when printing his business cards. They are considered the finest business cards on the web. (You can see the cool video of how they make them here.) You graphic designer snad designers will love them..   You've seen my mini business cards that I love but boy, do they have more...

  • I've been thinking of Christmas gifts and have thought about their custom postcards.  Wouldn't it be fun to have postcards made of your family or kids or their art and package them together with a book of stamps for grandparents and family??  They have other awesome ideas on their website.


  • They also have beautiful greeting cards--you can upload your own images or use their beautiful designs.  They could be perfect in time for sending out Christmas cards.
  • And their custom stickers - 90 unique stickers, ideal for creating and promoting your brand. are so cool!  They could be used for labeling Christmas presents or, with your uploaded photos, be given to friends and kids to decorate what they want with them.  (They can come in sticker books, too!)  I've always wanted to try their custom stickers.
  • Their newest addition to their line of products are their Luxe cards, which are absolutely stunning.  Bobby used these when printing his business cards.  They are considered the finest business cards on the web.  (You can see the cool video of how they make them here using Mohawk Paper.)  You graphic designers and designers in general will love them.

The company is out of London and I've been really pleased with their speedy delivery.

Soooo, order before 21st September for 25% off all of their printed products in the MOO Sale. from now until midnight September 21st (PST).  Check out their beautiful products.   I think you'll be totally inspired!  

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